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Plotful Smexy Icons
aka Jocus' Harem
Second Coming 
8th-Sep-2007 03:14 pm
Well, if I'd have known this was going to be so addictive, I would have gotten into it ages ago! I mean, with an entire StarGate picture archive at my back, nothings going to stop me attacking the screen caps and iconning for the rest of the day and probably all through tonight. 

Okay, so this load of icons in pretty much the same as the last ones, they're all StarGate based, (only because I haven't found any Supernatural or NCIS screencaps anywhere... *growls*) but they have one major difference; they're not all Daniel Jackson based. I thought fans would appreciate it if I expanded to Jack and Sam a bit. There's a Vala one in there to, and I promise Jonas, Colonel Mitchell and Teal'c to come. As of the moment , Ihave to divert my skills back to my school work (*grumbles incoherently*) because if I don't, I'll fail my School Certificate, and I'd rather not do that. :lol: So, bon voyage, for the moment, and I shall return, with more icons to follow!

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