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Plotful Smexy Icons
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DA Update 
5th-Sep-2007 01:04 am
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
The other day while looking through many a pic (though I forget the reason why) I came across a bunch of Dark Angel and Supernatural screencaps that I decided to make into icons. There's about twenty pics in total so this is only the first lot of the icons relating to them.

I started with the Dark Angel since it's the fandom I'm into right now, though expect many a Supernatural icon to follow! Who knows, I may even find another fandom to icon. :P I doubt it though.

And look, I even did an animated one!

You should know: Yes, I ship Max/Alec in DA but not because he's Jensen Ackles. I would love Alec even if I didn't love Max/Alec. No, I ship MA because the idea of a 19 year old, the age I am, with someone 13 years older than me scares me and frankly, with the way Michael Weatherly looked in season two, I just don't get it.

But I don't think any of you are as crazy for Dark Angel as I am so let us get to the icons. I split them up just to make it easier for myself.

Oh, and for people that know nothing of the show: Max (Jessica Alba) was the main character, Alec (Jensen Ackles) was her sidekick/pain in the ass/in love with her and White (... the other guy) was the villian who wanted her dead.

Family based icons

Max/Alec icons


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