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Plotful Smexy Icons
aka Jocus' Harem
Quick Update before Bed 
1st-Sep-2007 01:10 am
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
I'm just on my way to bed but I figured that I should post these first should someone (*coughJocuscough*) stumble across them during my slumber.

I have about a dozen planned but knowing me I won't actually get around to them any time soon so I figured I should post these just in case that happens and I take a short break. And they're not all Jensen Ackles either! Though I am all for him at the moment, lol.

But tomorrow I really do have to do class work. >_< Which I seemed to have forgotten today.

Dark Angel

The blood in this one didn't stand out nearly as much as I had wanted it to, but I still think that the finished product is pretty cool.


I'm really happy with these three, I must say. The first one is from the episode 'Skin' with a shapeshifter, and this actually a scene from when the shapeshifter is shedding his 'Dean' skin. I just thought that it looked like an 'o' or 'orgasm' face so that's what I did with it.

This is from the episode where it's revealed that Dean is afraid of flying, and I think this shot shows how good JA was at acting it. He looks completely afraid; well that or high, which was kind of the inspiration for this. Hence the very cool glow light gradient and the grain I put on top.

I'm sure Jocus knows what episode this is from; the one with the slow pan up Jensen's back when he's sleeping on the bed. Such a lovely shot, *happy sigh*. I'm really happy with this because I managed to cover up this huge arm that was present in the shot. Now, I'm a big fan of muscles as you well know, but it looked ridiculous; I used a gradient to cover it up quite well.

The icons are going to be mostly DA and SN ones, though I may throw in a couple CMM or Alexis Bledel ones because of the abundance of Kavanaugh muse. I guess we'll just have to see.

Oh, and quote of the moment:
"You don't understand… you can't. It's not something you can really comprehend until you've experienced it yourself."
"You mean… like an orgasm?"

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