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Plotful Smexy Icons
aka Jocus' Harem
New Layout! 
28th-Aug-2007 10:14 pm
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
Alright, this was only done because I happened upon this site when writing a profile for an rp site and saw that there were some problems with the layout.

I wanted to keep the background simple, either plain black or white and I happen to really like this one, though if you, Jocus, really don't like it we can change it I spose. Though I like the pink. ;)

I have a couple SN icons that I may as well post now but expect more in the near future when I get stressed from my schoolwork, which I know I will. They'll probably all be either SN or Dark Angel icons, maybe a few plotting ones (mainly CMM because of Ryan) but that's something, right? Here are the few I did now and there will be some more coming.

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