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5th-Feb-2008 01:16 am - SG Atlantis Luff
Man I love me some Stargate icons, but seeing as Alex's got SG-1 covered, I decided to go ahead and make some Atlantis icons, and damnit if I couldn't help going along with the cookies theme...it's too irresistable! Hee... ^_^


Enjoy and let me know what you think!

And Jocus has left the building.
25th-Jan-2008 10:45 pm - San'ko Luff!
Alright, so apparently I had this urge to make icons of the San'ko brothers as kids...I really think it's all the 'America's Funniest Videos' I've been watching, 'cause usually they have these really funny vids of kids and babies that just are so hilarious and remind me of the San'kos...

So yeah, enjoy the icons! ^_^


And Jocus has left the building!
8th-Sep-2007 07:52 pm - Last one. Really!
 Okay, its really addicting. I was going through that StarGate archive and I found a few more pictures i liked, so I made a few more. Again, I tried to go away from Daniel, to avoid the smexifulness, but it was impossible...  *swoons* Anyways, here's the last batch I put up today. 


I plan to (in the somewhat near future) maybe post some based on NCIS and Heroes, but thats still in the works. Don't hesitate to comment on my icons, I'd like some feedback about them. ^_^


8th-Sep-2007 03:14 pm - Second Coming
Well, if I'd have known this was going to be so addictive, I would have gotten into it ages ago! I mean, with an entire StarGate picture archive at my back, nothings going to stop me attacking the screen caps and iconning for the rest of the day and probably all through tonight. 

Okay, so this load of icons in pretty much the same as the last ones, they're all StarGate based, (only because I haven't found any Supernatural or NCIS screencaps anywhere... *growls*) but they have one major difference; they're not all Daniel Jackson based. I thought fans would appreciate it if I expanded to Jack and Sam a bit. There's a Vala one in there to, and I promise Jonas, Colonel Mitchell and Teal'c to come. As of the moment , Ihave to divert my skills back to my school work (*grumbles incoherently*) because if I don't, I'll fail my School Certificate, and I'd rather not do that. :lol: So, bon voyage, for the moment, and I shall return, with more icons to follow!

8th-Sep-2007 12:59 pm - Keeping My Promise
 I said I'd make some StarGate icons and post them, and now I deliver! heres the first batch, 4 Daniel Jackson, 1 Samantha Carter. Kinda obvious I have amancrush on him, though, innit?

StarGate Batch #1

5th-Sep-2007 01:04 am - DA Update
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
The other day while looking through many a pic (though I forget the reason why) I came across a bunch of Dark Angel and Supernatural screencaps that I decided to make into icons. There's about twenty pics in total so this is only the first lot of the icons relating to them.

I started with the Dark Angel since it's the fandom I'm into right now, though expect many a Supernatural icon to follow! Who knows, I may even find another fandom to icon. :P I doubt it though.

And look, I even did an animated one!

You should know: Yes, I ship Max/Alec in DA but not because he's Jensen Ackles. I would love Alec even if I didn't love Max/Alec. No, I ship MA because the idea of a 19 year old, the age I am, with someone 13 years older than me scares me and frankly, with the way Michael Weatherly looked in season two, I just don't get it.

But I don't think any of you are as crazy for Dark Angel as I am so let us get to the icons. I split them up just to make it easier for myself.

Oh, and for people that know nothing of the show: Max (Jessica Alba) was the main character, Alec (Jensen Ackles) was her sidekick/pain in the ass/in love with her and White (... the other guy) was the villian who wanted her dead.

Family based icons

Max/Alec icons


SpecialHello to all those who don't know me, the new Iconner on the block. This in a general that ---> way direction, is my first Icon, entitled Special. Just so you know, no, its not my cat, but I wish I could own it... the original picture I took it from has that kitten with the text 'The Voices Are Telling Me To Kill You" at the bottom, always good fun... ^_^ 

I shall endeavour to put up some StarGate icons (Mostly Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks) But no promises at the moment, my PC is being temperamental. I can promise more Icons soon though, so stay tuned!

1st-Sep-2007 01:10 am - Quick Update before Bed
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
I'm just on my way to bed but I figured that I should post these first should someone (*coughJocuscough*) stumble across them during my slumber.

I have about a dozen planned but knowing me I won't actually get around to them any time soon so I figured I should post these just in case that happens and I take a short break. And they're not all Jensen Ackles either! Though I am all for him at the moment, lol.

But tomorrow I really do have to do class work. >_< Which I seemed to have forgotten today.

Dark Angel

The blood in this one didn't stand out nearly as much as I had wanted it to, but I still think that the finished product is pretty cool.


I'm really happy with these three, I must say. The first one is from the episode 'Skin' with a shapeshifter, and this actually a scene from when the shapeshifter is shedding his 'Dean' skin. I just thought that it looked like an 'o' or 'orgasm' face so that's what I did with it.

This is from the episode where it's revealed that Dean is afraid of flying, and I think this shot shows how good JA was at acting it. He looks completely afraid; well that or high, which was kind of the inspiration for this. Hence the very cool glow light gradient and the grain I put on top.

I'm sure Jocus knows what episode this is from; the one with the slow pan up Jensen's back when he's sleeping on the bed. Such a lovely shot, *happy sigh*. I'm really happy with this because I managed to cover up this huge arm that was present in the shot. Now, I'm a big fan of muscles as you well know, but it looked ridiculous; I used a gradient to cover it up quite well.

The icons are going to be mostly DA and SN ones, though I may throw in a couple CMM or Alexis Bledel ones because of the abundance of Kavanaugh muse. I guess we'll just have to see.

Oh, and quote of the moment:
"You don't understand… you can't. It's not something you can really comprehend until you've experienced it yourself."
"You mean… like an orgasm?"

28th-Aug-2007 10:14 pm - New Layout!
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
Alright, this was only done because I happened upon this site when writing a profile for an rp site and saw that there were some problems with the layout.

I wanted to keep the background simple, either plain black or white and I happen to really like this one, though if you, Jocus, really don't like it we can change it I spose. Though I like the pink. ;)

I have a couple SN icons that I may as well post now but expect more in the near future when I get stressed from my schoolwork, which I know I will. They'll probably all be either SN or Dark Angel icons, maybe a few plotting ones (mainly CMM because of Ryan) but that's something, right? Here are the few I did now and there will be some more coming.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
20th-Jul-2007 04:16 pm - SN Episode Icons
[Generation Kill] Explosion (Practice)
So, me buying Supernatural Season One on dvd inspired me to make icons, so that's what I've done. These SN icons only incompass two or three episodes, so many more are to come.

I decided to start a SN icons series, entitled "Doublemint Twins" for any time Sammy and Dean act like twins. Which happens quite often actually. This is only from the first two episodes, so there's going to be plenty more.

And two random icons for you.
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